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At Oh So! we care about our clients’ success. Our approach is to understand your business vision and goals deeply ensuring  your business plan is effective. This sets the strong basis for us to create your tailor made, successful marketing strategy, customer experience and outreach campaigns. Contact us to find out how we can help!



We are Oh So!, an experienced Marketing & Business Consulting Agency based in Ampthill, UK. We are a team of passionate and thoughtful professionals who put immense amounts of effort into producing great results for our clients. Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve.



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Brand new

Over the past few months we worked with Travel Sense  through a successful rebranding to develop and present the brand new company image. As part of the rebranding we created an elegant website to include all the services that are on offer. We then translated it in 3 languages and are running successful, targeted adwords campaigns. We are also currently working on adding further services and automated booking systems to boost revenues as part of a longer term cooperation.

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Investing in the future

We successfully represented Targo in a high profile campaign just last year. We guided them throughout several challenging media interviews, resulting in a major win.

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